The Crypto Course

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The Crypto Course

Cryptocurrencies offer exciting new and potentially lucrative financial opportunities.

But like any asset, they are not without risks. To successfully buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies, you must have a solid understanding of how they work and how to protect them from the inherent risks of hacking and theft.

This class starts from the ground-up by helping you understand blockchain: the revolutionary technology that provides the backbone for supporting cryptocurrencies. You’ll learn how to safely and securely purchase, transfer, store, spend, and sell cryptocurrencies. Plus, you’ll also be introduced to essential concepts that are unique to this asset, such as: mining, public and private keys, forks, destruction, emission rates, public ledgers, smart contracts – and many more.

The History of Money

Lesson 1

The history of cryptocurrencies is short, but their sudden arrival and momentous impact on the financial world have much in common with what we've been earning, spending and investing for eons–money. This session explores what to expect with cryptocurrencies by examining the history of traditional currency.

Blockchain Technology

Lesson 2

It's the backbone of cryptocurrencies, the database of the future, and an evolutionary way of decentralizing and securing information. In this session we cover a broad overview of what blockchain technology is, how it works and its enormous potential to change our everyday lives, from the way we bank to how we vote.

Reaching Consensus

Lesson 3

With the decentralized networks that cryptocurrencies require, there must be fool-proof ways of agreeing upon and verifying transactions. This session takes a close look at the pros and cons of three common types of cryptocurrency trust structures: Proof of Work (PoW), Proof of Stake (PoS) and Directed Acyclic Graph Structure (DAG or "the Tangle").

Bitcoin Transaction

Lesson 4

By now, most people at least know what cryptocurrencies are, but far fewer understand how they work. This session illuminates the process by following the exchange of one bitcoin from sender to receiver and explains the verification and transfer processes and the three key pieces of information required to complete the transaction.

Cryptocurrency Evolution

Lesson 5

The era of cryptocurrencies was heralded in 2008 with a document outlining a peer-to-peer electronic cash system called bitcoin. This session breaks down the cryptocurrency timeline across 3 generations and examines its evolution from a single-purpose currency to the multi-purpose, programmable and scalable technology we have today.

Benefits of Cryptocurrencies

Lesson 6

Cryptocurrencies offer benefits that financial institutions lack. This session spotlights the differences: a decentralized ledger, no government regulation, built-in fraud prevention, immediate settlements, universal access and minimal fees. You'll also get an overview of the risks of cryptocurrencies and a look at the current big coins.

Phases of Cryptocurrencies #1-How to Buy Them

Lesson 7

You've done your research and you're ready to invest in cryptocurrencies; now, where do you buy them? This session walks you through your first purchase of a common coin using exchange sites and digital wallets. It's a simple process, but minimizing fees, investing in other cryptocurrencies and avoiding scams requires due diligence.

Phases of Cryptocurrencies #2-How to Store Them

Lesson 8

Cryptocurrency can be stored more safely than money in a bank, but the responsibility for that security is all yours. This session explains the basics of cryptocurrency security and exposes some of the misconceptions about storage. It also covers the pros and cons of exchanges and explains the differences between "hot" and "cold" wallets.

Phases of Cryptocurrencies #3-Transferring and Moving

Lesson 9

How do you spend and transfer that cryptocurrency now that you’ve bought and stored it? Carefully, as there is huge potential for error and being saddled with fees. This session covers the right way to exchange cryptocurrencies from one person to another using a digital wallet, move your coin from exchange to exchange and transfer money from a paper wallet.

Phases of Cryptocurrencies #4-Consumer Usage

Lesson 10

Cryptocurrencies are at a pivotal moment in their rapid evolution. This session looks at some of the ways they are are becoming more accessible and integral in our daily lives as both consumers and businesses embrace the technology. Find out how to shop and spend with cryptocurrency, even with merchants that don’t accept it as payment.

Phases of Cryptocurrencies #4-Passive Investing

Lesson 11

A cryptocurrency investment portfolio requires all the due diligence you make with your other financial assets—and then some. This session breaks down crucial considerations for a long-term investment in cryptocurrency: diversification, project analysis, network stability, liquidity and community. Find out the questions to ask and where to find the answers.

Phases of Cryptocurrencies #4-Active Trading

Lesson 12

Cryptocurrency trading is a new market for traders, with similar characteristics and strategies to traditional asset classes. It’s perch at the top of the risk pyramid, however, requires awareness of the pitfalls, knowing what you want, and having a trading plan. This session highlights the tools and resources available and stresses the required caution.

Phases of Cryptocurrencies #5-Cashing Out

Lesson 13

Cashing out your cryptocurrency is relatively simple if your bank account is linked to an exchange and you’re converting a common coin. Withdrawal limits vary and generally depend on how much information the exchange has about you. This session walks you through the more complex process of converting less common cryptocurrencies to fiat money and highlights the fees you want to avoid.


Lesson 14

Not the ones on your dinner table--we’re talking about the directions blockchains take through protocol changes and capability upgrades made by the cryptocurrency community. This session breaks down the process with simple examples and shows you step-by-step how to capitalize on a fork and claim your coin once they occur.

Smart Contracts

Lesson 15

One of the most exciting potentials of blockchain--the technology behind cryptocurrencies--is smart contracts. By eliminating most of the cost and intermediaries needed to draw up and verify documents, smart contracts are revolutionizing the way we do business. This session explains how they work and explores their long-term potential.


Lesson 16

ICOs, or initial coin offerings, are a new way to raise capital through the direct sale of tokens to investors. This session compares ICOs to the traditional way of raising capital and examines the benefits, drawbacks and risks to both owners and investors with each process. You’ll also discover some vital tips for spotting an ICO scam.

Cryptocurrency Mining

Lesson 17

Mining cryptocurrency isn’t a gold rush; it takes a lot of computing power, electricity and expensive equipment. Miners are rewarded for securing and verifying transactions, and with popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, that work gets harder and the rewards fewer. This session explains everything you’ll need and the considerations you should make.

Market Timing Orientation

Lesson 18

There are lots of opportunities to make money in the cryptocurrency market but there’s no need to limit yourself to just a single market. In addition to trading cryptocurrencies, there are other markets you can trade that offer excellent rates of return, great leverage, and require only a small amount of capital to get started.

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