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Forex Foundations Course

New to Forex or want a refresher course in the key concepts? These lessons from Online Trading Academy will get you off to a fast start.

This course has a total of 11 videos representing 11 important lessons about Forex. In this course you will learn the following.

What is Forex?

Lesson 1

In this session we take a look at what currency is and its uses in society. We also analyze the roles and opportunities of three groups of participants in the currency market. Lastly, we discuss centralized vs. decentralized market structures.

Benefits and Risks of Forex

Lesson 2

Forex trading is one of the most exciting and liquid asset classes to trade. In this session we break down the benefits and risks of trading forex based on several factors, including: Leverage, Liquidity, Selection, Fees, Trading Times and Volatility.

Pitfalls of Forex Traders

Lesson 3

As with any new skill, there are pitfalls to avoid on the road to mastery. In this session we address some of the common mistakes Forex traders make and offer suggestions to bypass these expensive learning lessons.

8 Major Currencies

Lesson 4

While there are 180 currencies around the world, most of the trading activity involves just eight of them. We take a closer look at these eight currencies and share basic information you must know about each one.

Understanding Diversification

Lesson 5

While most traders and investors have heard of "diversification" and are trying to practice it, that's not what they're actually doing! In this session, we look at the merits of diversification and the proper way to implement it.

How Forex Works

Lesson 6

With most trading instruments, you are usually buying or selling one security at a time. With Forex, you are actually trading two at a time! In this lesson we look at the mechanics behind spot Forex trading and also explain the various trading sessions that take place around the clock.

Relative Strength

Lesson 7

With so many currencies to trade, it's critical to identify strong ones to buy, and weak ones to sell! Doing so may increase your probability of a successful trade and increase your account balance! In this session, we will also discuss how to identify trading opportunities based on a currency's relative strength to others.

The Power of Leverage

Lesson 8

The Forex markets offer some of the highest leverage in the trading world. To the trained professional, leverage can be a powerful ally but to the untrained novice, it can be an account killer. In this session we look at the power of leverage and its potential to increase the size of your portfolio.

Supply & Demand

Lesson 9

The most fundamental driver of the price of anything is Supply & Demand. In this session, we look at how differently the novice trader and the professional interpret price charts. If you understand the charts you will better understand the actions of buyers and sellers in the marketplace and be able to spot where the institutional money is trading in the market.

Extended Learning Track

Lesson 10

OTA's Extended Learning Track (XLT) is a live, interactive training session that is exclusively available to OTA students who want to spend more time learning from a seasoned trader This video will give you a sneak preview into a XLT session so that you can see the value it provides to traders.

Market Timing Orientation

Lesson 11

Market timing is the real key to producing short term income and long-term wealth in the markets.  This lesson will introduce you to Online Trading Academy’s proven and patented strategy that anticipates market moves. 

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What To Expect From Our Lessons

  • Get an introduction to Forex from experienced traders sharing actual market examples
  • Gain confidence and build self-discipline as you learn from professional traders
  • Learn how to avoid common trading mistakes that many Forex traders make
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